welcome to the fosseway artists

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The Fosseway Artists group was established following the closing down of the Cirencester Art Club at its Annual General Meeting in June 1965. The new society was inaugurated on the 8th November 1965 at a meeting at Lavender House Studio. A Constitution was drawn up and the annual Membership fee set at 10s 6d (about 52p in today's money!). There were 18 signatories in attendance at the inaugural meeting. The declared primary aim of the group was to hold an exhibition of pictures and sculpture at least once a year.

Our objective over the years have remained the same, we exhibit at least once a year, in the Spring or Autumn to provide practising local Artists with opportunities to exhibit and sell their work.

In order to maintain our high standard of work, we invite two guest Selectors, from outside the Society, for each exhibition. The sole criteria for selection is quality of work. Over the years the membership has grown to as high as 90+ and now stands at around 44.

At the Annual General Meeting held in March of 2023 the decision was taken to close the physical element of the Fosseway Artists. The society will continue as an online only entity for the benefit of participating artists. We wish to thank all that have supported our many exhibitions over the past 58 years and hope that you will continue to follow the work of our artists via this website.

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